Lighting Cameraman

Steve is a BBC Film Unit trained lighting Cameraman. As a Drama D.O.P his productions range from MERSEY BEAT to MIDSOMER MURDERS and Documentary shoots from the tranquil Antarctic and Galapagos to the less than tranquil West Bank and Lebanon.

In drama, factual and commercials, Steve provides a classy image at a speed and price to suit the production’s requirements.


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Steve Saunderson with Camera


  • Steamed Up Screenshot

    Steamed Up

  • L’ile Aux Tresors Screenshot

    L’ile Aux Tresors

  • Screenshot

  • Cookes Furniture Screenshot

    Cookes Furniture

  • Desi DNA Screenshot

    Desi DNA

  • Midsomer Murders - Murder on St. Malley’s Day Screenshot

    Midsomer Murders - Murder on St. Malley’s Day

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